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If you're wanting to sell your home, buy a home, or qualify for a mortgage - I'm the right person to have on your side. Whether needing one or a combination of my services, you'll find that reaching out to me is a great idea. Guaranteed.



I'll answer all your questions and will provide expert feedback specific to your scenario. No pressure or judgement from my part, just honest answers and good guidance from an experienced and trustworthy professional. You'll be happy you called and will be better informed as a result. (15-30 minutes)


Buyers: Get an instant idea of what your payment would be, and whether it seems you're income is sufficient to qualify. All w/out checking credit. (15-30 minutes)

Sellers: Get an instant idea on how much proceeds you'll make from the sale of your home. Then we'll run quick #'s on a sample payment for your replacement home based on whatever size down payment you've got in mind. That way, you've got a complete picture of how things will play out. (15-30 minutes)


Once your questions are answered, we can chart out a realistic timeline to sell, to buy, and to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Whether needing one or a combination of my services, you'll find I'm the right person to have on your side.


Let's Go!!! Time to shake and bake and make things happen. With your blessing, I'll lead the way in managing a successful outcome. Whether you're wanting to sell, to buy, or qualify for a mortgage; I'm all-in on making it happen for you. You'll benefit from proven methods, strategies, and know-how that my team and I have developed over time. Guaranteed.

Carlos Jaime, Broker/Owner at CTC Brokers & Associates

With years of experience as a real estate broker and mortgage broker, I’m the right person to have on your side for all your needs related to buying, selling, or qualifying for a home loan.

I'm committed to helping you make more money when you sell, negotiate better when you buy, and securing the best deal on your home loan.

I look forward to helping you next!

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